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extensions and loft conversions into existing buildings

Due to the expense of moving house it is becoming more common for homeowners to obtain more room by extending.

In most cases, we would need to carry out a visit to the property. With regards to extensions this is to determine the construction and loading on any walls that are to be removed. Also to check whether there are any trees in the vicinity of a ground floor extension that may influence the foundation depth as well as noting any manholes that may also have a bearing on the depth of foundation and the layout of the extension.

In some cases, ground investigations will need to be undertaken to determine the strata make up to confirm the appropriate foundation type. Also trial pits along the faces of existing buildings may be required where an extension adjoins the existing building. These investigations are normally carried out by a specialist company.

With regards to loft conversions, this is to determine the structural support of the existing roof as the loft conversion will require removal of some supports and, therefore, new supports will need to be incorporated. The load pattern of the existing building will also need to be determined.

We have contacts within the above specialist companies and can obtain quotations and arrange the investigations. However, a review and comments on the specialists report will incur a fee.

If Architects drawings are not available for the proposed works we would need to take relevant plan dimensions and heights.

The drawings we produce are hand drawn to keep costs reasonable for the homeowner.

The drawings and calculations that we prepare are suitable for Building Regulation submission and for obtaining costs from a builder.

Prior to contacting us, the homeowner should have obtained, or be in the process of, obtaining planning permission or a certificate of Lawful Development for the proposed work.

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