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fequently asked questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions but the list is not exhaustive therefore do not hesitate to ask any other questions

Does the company have insurance..?

"Silver Structural Surveys Limited has Professional Indemnity Insurance which is renewed annually. Cover is up to £1,000,000"

Will the survey report provide the cause of the defect advised by the Client as well as the recommendations for remedial works..?

"Where possible the report will provide a conclusion and solutions for repair. However, the survey may find that a definitive cause for the defect cannot be formed without further investigations such as exposing foundations, having a drain survey or crack monitoring being carried out which need specialist input. The survey fee quoted by Silver Structural Surveys Limited will not include any specialist’s costs"

Are you able to provide a fixed fee for the structural input..?

"With regards to structural surveys for a particular defect, Silver Structural Surveys Limited is able, in most cases, to provide a fixed fee covering the site inspection and preparation of a report. The fee will not include any specialist’s input found necessary following the inspection"

"With regards to internal alterations, it may be possible to provide a fixed fee if the Client is definite in the requirements or if drawings indicating the requirements are available. If either of these are not the case, then a visit to the property will be required to ascertain the requirements which generally will not incur a charge, subject to location of the property. In all cases a visit to the property is likely to be required to determine the structural arrangement and load bearing elements. Similar requirements will apply to extensions and loft conversions"

If crack width or level monitoring is recommended in the report, how long would this be for...?

"The normal time period is a year as any changes in crack widths need to be checked over the four seasons. The same normally applies with regards to any changes in vertical movement"

Are you able to provide costs for building works..?

"No. All costs for building works will need to be obtained from a building contractor"

Are you able to carry out site supervision during building works..?

"Silver Structural Surveys Ltd. are able to do this but a fee will be incurred"