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new housing

More housing is an ongoing discussion topic to meet an ever growing requirement to help first time buyers.

Michael has substantial experience in the design of load bearing masonry structures designing the roof, floors, beams, lintels, walls and foundations.

Structural Engineers are normally approached by an Architect once their layout of the building has been agreed between the Client and the Architect. However, we can assist the Architect at an early stage to give advice on likely locations and sizes of beams and depths of floors. We also welcome enquiries from contractors and developers where Architect drawings have been prepared.

The design and drawings we prepare are suitable for Building Regulation submission. In most cases we over mark the structural requirements on the Architect’s drawings for the Architects to coordinate into their drawings.

With regards to the foundations, it is normally necessary that ground investigations are carried out to determine the appropriate foundation type. These investigations are carried out by a specialist company. We have contacts within a number of specialist companies where quotations can be obtained on the Client’s behalf based on requirements set out by Silver Structural Surveys Ltd. The cost for doing this can be itemised as a separate item when a fee proposal for the new housing is prepared.

For an initial discussion please contact Michael Silver on 07392 063 498 or contact via email here