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retrospective building control approval

This is normally required when a property is being sold and alterations have been made without having the necessary permission. This normally comes to light when the conveyancing solicitor does his searches and if there are no records available the buyer will want proof that the works that have been carried out are adequate.

To provide the proof, removal of plaster in certain areas will need to be carried out by a builder. To enable the builder to open up the correct areas we would mark up the areas on a sketch. To allow us to do this we would carry out an initial visit to view the area in question.

Once the builder has removed the plaster to expose the structure behind, we would carry out a further visit to take details and measurements as required to allow calculations to be prepared. However, it should be noted that the calculations may prove the existing details to be inadequate. If this is found to be the case we will advise you and confirm with you whether we should design a remedial solution as additional costs will be incurred.

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